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Wire rope endless rope loop

Category: Synthetic Fiber Lifting Sling / Round Lifting Sling

Abstract: The jointless steel wire rope is a ring-shaped rope formed by a continuous length of wire rope strands around a specific ring-shaped core and cyclically wound 6 times according to the specified twisting

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Shizhili Sling Co., Ltd. 13142869696 produces wire rope endless rope loops and wire rope jointless rope loops 

The remarkable characteristics of the jointless rope are good flexibility, many lifting points, high strength, and small lifting space requirements. It is suitable for the special requirements of large parts lifting in various environments such as transformers, shipbuilding and special machinery manufacturing, especially for limited space. Or extra-large hoisting works. 

1. The galvanized steel wire rope can be used as the raw material when the jointless rope ring is used in wet or open air environments to enhance the anti-rust performance.

2. In addition to the wear of the outer layer steel wire of the jointless rope loop, it is mainly broken due to metal fatigue caused by repeated bending when bypassing the hook and the suspended object. Therefore, the ratio of the diameter of the hook or the suspended object to the jointless rope loop is determined An important factor in the service life of jointless rope loops.

3. The wear and corrosion of the surface layer of the non-joint rope ring or the number of broken wires in each twisting distance should be scrapped.

4. The jointless rope ring is mainly used in operations that require high strength such as lifting and pulling. During the use process, it is strictly forbidden to stand by or hang on the object.

5. Each non-joint rope loop has a forbidden lifting point, which is strictly prohibited as a lifting point this time.

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