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Shizhili Sling Co., Ltd. has advanced production equipment, skilled technical workers, and more professional engineering and technical personnel to provide customers with a complete set of product design and construction lifting solutions. We are committed to building a trustworthy and respectable brand enterprise, a sling brand built in China, to provide customers with a complete set of excellent services from product selection, product optimization design, to lifting training, product testing . Our products meet the needs of lifting production in different environments. According to standard production, we can achieve 600T Lifting slings; 200T chains and steel wire ropes. These products have been verified by actual lifting in different production fields. Lifting products is related to human life and property, so each of our products is produced with a conscience out of respect for life, which stems from this-we are pursuing the product inspection and delivery rate. Our factory passed the on-site audit of the quality management system of China Classification Society based on GB / T19001: 2008 standard.

The company's products adopt advanced technology, select high-quality materials, and organize production in strict accordance with domestic and international standards. The products have the characteristics of soft texture, strong tension, lightness and flexibility, and are widely used in machinery, steel, shipbuilding, petroleum, railway, ocean transportation , Electronics, automobiles, chemical pipelines, and other industries for lifting installation. The company has passed GB / T19001-2000, ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system certification.


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With the expansion of the Chinese crane market, it has directly driven the rapid development of offline industries. In particular, the lifting equipment industry has reached the historical peak in both export and domestic sales. But the ensuing problems also appeared, and the technical standards of the hoisting equipment industry were not perfect. In order to reduce costs, some companies even lower the safety factor without authorization, which is a fatal threat to the entire lifting equipment industry. We must constantly improve relevant technical standards and promulgate relevant mandatory regulations to ensure the safety of lifting and transportation in China.
A lot of netizens have left a message to us recently, asking such a question: How to consider the comprehensive factors that should be paid attention to when using the lifting strap? Today, our company gave an answer to this question. The following is the answer sorted by our company: there are many types of lifting straps, including single, double lifting straps, multi-layer lifting straps and so on. At present, the lifting strap products we often use are mainly made of high-quality vinegar industrial filaments. The structure is composed of parallel arranged surrounding tows. The bearing ring sleeve (loading core) is equipped with a special wear-resistant sleeve, which has a longer Service life. Choose the lifting strap to know that it has excellent durability, moisture resistance, ultraviolet resistance and chemical resistance, and the quality of use remains unchanged.
On May 6, 2011, Shilili Sling Co., Ltd. obtained the logo of Jiangsu Special Protection Testing Center for one time.On May 6, 2011, Shilili Sling Co., Ltd. obtained the logo of Jiangsu Special Protection Testing Center for one time.On May 6, 2011, Shilili Sling Co., Ltd. obtained the logo of Jiangsu Special Protection Testing Center for one time.
There are two main types of slings: metal slings and synthetic fiber slings. The main metal slings are: wire rope slings, chain slings, lifting belt slings, shackles, hooks, hanging (clamp) pliers, magnetic slings and so on. Synthetic fiber slings mainly include: rope and belt slings made of nylon, polypropylene, polyester and high-strength high-modulus polyethylene fibers.

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