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Do you know the safe operation specifications of lifting belt equipment industry?


Do you know the safe operation specifications of lifting belt equipment industry? With the expansion of the Chinese crane market, it has directly driven the rapid development of offline industries. In particular, the lifting equipment industry has reached the historical peak in both export and domestic sales. But the ensuing problems also appeared, and the technical standards of the hoisting equipment industry were not perfect. In order to reduce costs, some companies even lower the safety factor without authorization, which is a fatal threat to the entire lifting equipment industry. We must constantly improve relevant technical standards and promulgate relevant mandatory regulations to ensure the safety of lifting and transportation in China.

The editor of Shili Rigging will popularize it for everyone. The safe use specifications of lifting straps:

1. When selecting the specifications of the sling, the size, weight, shape of the load to be lifted, and the method of use of the hoisting method to be used must be included in the calculation, and the maximum working force is given. The requirements, the working environment and the type of load must be considered at the same time. The sling must be of the appropriate length that has sufficient capacity and meets the usage mode. If multiple slings are used for lifting loads at the same time, the same type of sling must be used; the material of the flat sling must not be affected by the environment or Load impact. Regardless of whether accessories or soft lifting lugs are required, careful consideration must be given to matching the end section of the sling with the auxiliary accessories and lifting equipment.


Second, the safe use of slings is strictly forbidden to overload. Unmarked slings shall not be used after being confirmed. The components on the sling assembly components shall be inspected regularly according to the requirements of the assembly components. Do not use hammering to correct twisted spreaders. Slinging is prohibited. Do not pull or allow heavy objects to roll on the sling.


3. The slings purchased from outside must be products manufactured and inspected by professional manufacturers in accordance with national standards, with certificates of conformity and maintenance and maintenance instructions. Marks such as rated lifting weight, production number, manufacturing date, production plant name, etc., which are not easy to wear, must be clearly visible in the product. The user unit shall prepare safe use regulations and maintenance systems according to the instructions and the characteristics of the use environment.


The above is the "Safety Operation Specifications for Lifting Strap Equipment Industry" that our company introduced to you. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. If you have more questions, please log in to our website, leave us a message, we will answer your questions at any time!


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